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The Mushroom Cure                               The Cherry Lane Theater                                      2016 - 2023 

Written and Performed by Adam Strauss   Theater 80, Sheen Center & The Marsh Berkeley/SF 
(A man tries to cure his debilitating OCD with hallucinatory mushrooms.)

Camping Out                                             Royal Family Theater/The Collective NY                       2018

Written by Jonathan Levy

Featuring: Scott McCord, Ali Arkane, and Mo Stark

Guarding the Bridge                              The Triad Theater / Ripple Effect Artists                     2018

Written by Chuck Gordon

Featuring: Scott Zimmerman and Tim Dowd

Walter Is Dead                                          Hudson Guild Theater                                                        2017

Written by Mario Corry

Featuring: Margaret Campagne, Daniel O'Shea, Dave T. Koenig, Tomike Lee Ogugua, Kotton Candy, Melissa Capista

(A White Conservative's nightmare comes true as he agrees to foster a Black homeless man)

- Nominated for Best Play, Best Director, Best Actor, Actress and Ensemble NY Theatre Fest -

The Uncertainty Principle                       Under St. Marks                                                                 2015

Written/Performed by Adam Strauss
(One man’s unusual search to understand what’s really going on?)


Shall I Fetch the Apparatus?                   The Wild Project/All Out Arts                                         2015

Written by Jonathan Libman
Featuring: Sean Carvajal and Andrew Schoomaker
(Ah, the pleasures and dangers of going home with a stranger.)


The Mushroom Cure                               Under St. Marks/ Bway Comedy Club                             2014

Written and Performed by Adam Strauss
(A man tries to cure his debilitating OCD with hallucinatory mushrooms.)
- Winner of 2014 NYC Fringe Overall Excellence Award, Time Out critics Pick -


Barter                                                          Redrum Theater , Washington, DC                                 2012

Written by: Emily Daly
Featuring: Lisa Jill Anderson, Brian Edelman, Breanna Foister and Zak Kamin

(A comedy about lying, love, privilege, and credit card theft.)


Blind Sided                                                 Theater at St. Clements Strawberry Festival                2010 Written by: Cynthia Talia Feri
Featuring: Ashton Swinford, Jane Elias, and Johnny Zito

(Blind date sabotage.)


The Get Together                                       The Secret Theater                                                            2009

Written by: Ian Fines

Featuring: Davram Stiefler, Julia Collier, Christina Ward, Zadie Walker

(Showing up to the wrong party can be deadly.)


The Daylight Zone                                   The Medicine Show Chester Horn Festival                   2007

Written by: Jan O’Connor

Featuring: Michael Kevin Darnall, Ali Hirschlag, Sean Flight
(Stranded on a desert island a man can make 3 wishes but then they malfunction.)




The Last Sonderkommando                     Actors Studio                                                                     2014 

Written by: David Libman

Featuring: Mark Hattan, Rob Beitzel, Will Brill, Joey Collins, Eli Gelb, Mario Corry, Carter Gill, Dave T. Koenig, Martin Peacock, and Wyatt Kuether

(Workshop of a truly unusual perspective of the inner workings of Auschwitz.)

When Nobody’s Looking                             2 Jones Street Theater/Enter: Playwright Fest.       2011

Written by: Jonathan Libman
Featuring: Jose Llana, Martin Vidnovic, Will Brill, Ken King, Elizabeth Audley
(3 distinct parallel worlds of characters in high pressure cooker places.)

Glory Day                                                      Shetler Studio                                                                   2005

Written by: Rita Lewis

Featuring: Brandi Burkhardt, Ellen David, and Lois Robbins
(A teenage daughter walks in on her mother with another woman.)




Nowheretown                                           Actors Studio                                                                  2019

Written by: Nicoel Pandolfo

Featuring: Alice Kremilberg, Delissa Reynolds, Erick Betancourt, Remy Zaken, Lacy Meyer,

Mo Stark, Rafael Benoit, Nicholas McGovern and Ryan F Johnson

My X-15                                                                                                                                                2019

Written by: Nick Platt Jr.

Featuring: Ariel Eliaz, Kate Billingsly, Beth Manspier and Justin Broido

Something in the Night                        The Collective/Actors Studio                                               2018

Written by Craig McNulty

Featuring: Kevin Kane, Paola Lazaro, Erick Betancourt, Neil Tyrone Pritchard, Rebecca Nyahay 

War Stories                                             Access Theater                                                                         2018

Written by Sarah Kelly

Featuring: Stephen Dexter, Michaelangelo Milano, Sarah Kelly and Agatha Nowicki

Raw Bacon From Poland                     Abrons Art Center                                                                   2017

Written by Christina Masciotti

Featuring: Sean Carvajal, Kristen Sieh, Ben Williams, John Hagan, Jacob A. Ware, 

Michael Benzinger, Jay Smith, and Arlene A. McGruder

The Bench                                              Actors Studio                                                                            2017

Written by Chazz Palminteri

Featuring: Sayra Player, Mark Thomas, Chazz Palminteri

The Townhouse                                            Fundamental Theater Project/Actors Studio             2016

Written by: David Libman

Featuring: Joey Collins, JoAnna Rhinehart and Sarah Miles

Previously developed with: Jill Eikenberry, Angelina Fiorledisi, Joey Collins, and Emma Galvin  

(Poignant love story of two homeless people who “gain access” to a lavish Townhouse.)

On the 1 Train                                              A.R.T. NY/Dramatic Question Theater                        2015

Written by Paola Soto

Featuring: Marisol Miranda, Neil Tyrone Pritchard, Sean Carvajal, Russell Jordan

(Halloween Night an unlucky group gets stuck underground in a train car.)

Marx for Models                                          Actors Studio                                                                     2015

Written by Nick Platt

Featuring: Evgenya Radilova, Michael Pantozzi, and Julia Collier
(A viciously biting attack on the hilarity of the high fashion modeling industry.)


The Low Road                                              Actors Studio                                                                     2014

Written by David Libman

Featuring: Salvatore Inzerillo, Agatha Nowicki, Joey Collins, and Dena Tyler

(A troubled young lady claims that Leonardo DiCaprio is the father of her baby.)


Family Trees                                                Barefoot Theatre Company                                             2013

Written by Jason Furlani

Featuring: Yetta Gottsman and Francisco Solorzano
(What secrets siblings will bend to hold on or get rid of the Family House.)


Hookman                                                    Rattlestick Playwrights Theater                                       2012

Written by: Lauren Yee

Featuring: Emily Daly, Collin McConnell, Chelsea Gonzalez and Eunjung Lee

(An existential slasher comedy about college.)


The Awakening of Kate Chopin                 Gramercy Arts Club                                                         2011

Written by: Rosary Oneill

Featuring: Nelson Avidon, Nina Wray

(An adaptation of the novel highlighting Southern Discomfort.)


B-Hurst                                                          Actors Studio/Williamsburg Film Festival                 2010

Written by: Hilary Bettis

Featuring: Kira Sternbach, Stephen Hill
(Workshop of a neighborhood in Brooklyn about to racially explode.)


One Small Problem                                      The Slipper Room                                                          2009 

Written by: Qui Nyugen

Featuring: Josh Vasquez, Santana Dempsey,

(A comedy about penis enlargement.)

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