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The Mushroom Cure

written & performed by Adam Strauss

developed and directed by Jonathan Libman

Greenhouse Theater Chicago 2019

Theatre 80 and Berkeley  and San Francisco Marsh 2017, 2018 , 2019

The Cherry Lane Theater 2016, 2017

The New York International Fringe Festival 2014

Time Out: ★★★★

"true-life tour de force - engaging, ironic delivery that keeps you riveted throughout.   Jonathan Libman guides the performance with a subtle hand."

Chicago Tribune: ★★★1/2

"Arrestingly Honest - Howlingly Funny.  

 A throwback to the confessional autobiographical work that practically defined the genre."

Michael Pollan

"Brilliant, Hilarious, and Moving"


New York Times:

Eccentricity Radiates from Mushroom Cure - mining a great deal of laughter from disabling pain"


“We follow the ups and downs of Strauss’ professional, mental health and romantic lives in great detail. To his credit, Strauss gives the impression of delivering these stories as if for the first time. He is fresh and very involved, yet sensitive to the audience’s reactions. He manages to make a tediously unattractive condition fascinating and also manages to make himself affecting and human. OCD has never been as attractively rendered.”


"Director, Jonathan Libman’s influence was evident in the timing and clarity of the show and Strauss’ subtle characterizations of each of his cast of characters. " Full Review

Off-Off Broadway Online, Edward Karam: 

"Strauss tells his story with humor as well, as the best playwrights do for serious material..Under the direction of Jonathan Libman, Strauss does a splendid job of navigating romance, pain, desperation, and humor in the piece.” Full Review 


Edge New York, Winnie McCoy: 

“Adam Strauss' hilarious, harrowing 90-minute one-hander...Strauss is a natural storyteller, his tone and cadences bringing audience members right into the personal hell he faces every day. By the end of the play, you join Strauss by relinquishing the idea that you can control everything, and begin to let go.. Director Jonathan Libman and Strauss put together a compelling, if sometimes frantic, presentation.” Full Review 

WTTW(Chicago), Hedy Weiss: 

"On a stage decorated with nothing but an ergonomic office chair and a small table full of glasses of water – he brings a series of scenes to vivid physical and emotional life. "

The Jewish Week, Sharon Anstey: 

"His quest for a cure is absorbing, poignant, tender. There are moments of hilarity and flashes of a frightening trip...

Directed by Jonathan Libman, the performance is witty, intelligent, well-paced and provocative.

Eighty-five minutes with no intermission flew by.", Nicholas Linnehan: 

"Strauss delvers his story with conviction and sincerity making it an enjoyably heartfelt night at the theater...The director, Jonathan Libman works well with Strauss and the two find comedy in this disease, which is often hard to talk about. The ability that this actor has to laugh at himself is remarkable, and, in return, allows us to laugh at ourselves." Full Review 

Ny Theatre Wire, Glenda Frank: 

"When they are as quick-witted and sharp as stand-up comedian Adam Strauss, they can transform their disability into the stuff of poignancy and comedy... intelligent insights, a clever way with words, and a charismatic delivery.   The most fascinating segments are his vivid descriptions of OCD, his therapist, and his ‘sroom induced hallucinations. The latter are made vivid and surreal -- good theatre."

FringeNYC news:

Winner of the Overall Excellence Award for Solo Performance!

NY Theater Now:

“Under direction by Jonathan Libman, – just when you think you’ve got it figured out, he pulls you in again. This isn’t just exciting; it’s comforting, too. He’s not cured, necessarily, but working on it, navigating the captivating imperfection inherent in existing."



A Top Pick of the Fringe


Broadway Baby: ★★★★

a revelation in disguise. Adam Strauss, through a blend of comedy and drama in his poetic narration, is a highly commendable act which is recommendable for any interested in the culture of psychedelics."

Guarding the Bridge

By Chuck Gordon

Directed by Jonathan Libman.                          

First Online with Fran, Francis McGarry

"A Fierce evening of theater and substance!  Authentic

 performances by Scott Zimmerman and Tim Dowd.  

 Deftly directed by Jonathan Libman. 

 The entertaining narrative candidly tackles issues of racism, fear, 

 and bigotry.  Changes your perspective.  Visits those dark spaces.   Sheds some light on it and spreads the love."


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(Or, Stealing Other People's Credit Cards)

a new play by Emily Daly

directed by Jonathan Libman


                                                             4.5 our of 5 Stars!  ★★★★/2


                                                   "Fascinating, touching and amusing..."                                                                    -DC Metro Theater Arts

                                                            4 out of 5 Stars! ★★★★ 


                                                    "A moving story about loss, crisis,                                                                and human connection in a                                                                        terrifying world."

                                                                  -DC Theater Scene



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