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Recent Projects


by Jonathan Levy
Directed by Jonathan Libman

Geoffrey Poppler (Mo Stark),

 Scott McCord & Ali Arkane

             E S C A P E
November 29 - December 12

guarding the bridge show image.jpg

 Guarding the Bridge 

 by Chuck Gorden 

 Directed by Jonathan Libman 




















 Winner of the 1998 Michael 

 Kanin Award for Best Short Play 



 Directed by 

 Jonathan Libman 






 Featuring: Rolando Chusan,

 Solonje Burns 

 and Cooper Lawrence 



Camping Out.jpeg

Walter's Dead by Mario Corry

Directed by Jonathan Libman


 Daniel O'Shea, Margaret Champagne,  Dave T. Koenig, Tomike Lee Ogugua,  Kotton Kandy, Melissa Capista

    * Nominated for Best Play,

       Best Director, Best Ensemble

               NY Theatre Fest. *

walter's dead.jpg


FREEDMAN by National Endowment of the Arts Recipient David Libman

                                   Directed by Jonathan Libman     

                          Featuring :  Mary Anisi,  Mihaela Mihut,  Andy Rindlisbach,  Jeff Still,

                                 Tom O'Keefe,  Nelson Avidon,  Aurora Heimbach,  Dave T. Koenig, 

                                 Arthur Kriklivy, Michael Pantozzi, Jon Mulhearn, Justin Broido and Django Palty







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