Recent Projects


by Jonathan Levy
Directed by Jonathan Libman

Geoffrey Poppler (Mo Stark),

 Scott McCord & Ali Arkane

             E S C A P E
November 29 - December 12

 Guarding the Bridge 

 by Chuck Gorden 

 Directed by Jonathan Libman 




















 Winner of the 1998 Michael 

 Kanin Award for Best Short Play 



 Directed by 

 Jonathan Libman 






 Featuring: Rolando Chusan,

 Solonje Burns 

 and Cooper Lawrence 



Walter's Dead by Mario Corry

Directed by Jonathan Libman


 Daniel O'Shea, Margaret Champagne,  Dave T. Koenig, Tomike Lee Ogugua,  Kotton Kandy, Melissa Capista

    * Nominated for Best Play,

       Best Director, Best Ensemble

               NY Theatre Fest. *


FREEDMAN by National Endowment of the Arts Recipient David Libman

                                   Directed by Jonathan Libman     

                          Featuring :  Mary Anisi,  Mihaela Mihut,  Andy Rindlisbach,  Jeff Still,

                                 Tom O'Keefe,  Nelson Avidon,  Aurora Heimbach,  Dave T. Koenig, 

                                 Arthur Kriklivy, Michael Pantozzi, Jon Mulhearn, Justin Broido and Django Palty