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 Jonathan has taught writing/directing workshops    with a wide variety of wonderful organizations:  

 Young Storytellers, 

 Hostos Community College in the South Bronx,  

 Xavier Mission Kitchen,  

 Interviewing NYC's Homeless and Hungry  

 Gainesville, Florida specialized school P.K. Yonge,   thespians-get-advice-on-life-laughs  

 He remains committed to keep art available for   everybody and is always open to working with   new artists and new projects.  

Feel free to contact me directly to take a look at my work, talk shop about your work,  

discuss collaborating on a project.

No one ever got hurt by an email, or taking a walk around the neighborhood, or having a cup of coffee.....except that lady at McDonalds?

I'm not that lady - don't be that lady.



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