Jonathan Libman

Director & Writer

            The Mushroom Cure 

     The Critically Acclaimed True Story by Adam Strauss

               Developed and Directed by Jonathan Libman

    A miracle of a show and a must-see

    "Arrestingly Honest and Howlingly Funny

             Chicago Tribune ★★★1/2!

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Raw Bacon from Poland

Jonathan Directed a staged reading 

                     Written by Christina Masciotti                                                    * 2016 Guggenheim Fellow *


                      Featuring: Sean Carvajal



JONATHAN LIBMAN was born and raised a few blocks from Penn Station in New York City. 

He specializes in developing new work, having been on the front lines of seeing it , doing it, learning from it and ensuring patience, full focus and specificity that everyone involved deserves. 

He developed and directed the critically acclaimed show THE MUSHROOM CURE written and performed by Adam Strauss.  After extending at The Cherry Lane Theater and The Marsh in San Francisco the show went on tour in 2017 before it returned by popular demand to New York and where it ran Off Broadway for more than a year.  


Future engagements in Chicago, San Francisco, Portland , San Antonio and Los Angeles.  

As a member of the Actors Studio Playwrights/ Directors Unit led by Lyle Kessler, he is directing

Chazz Palminteri (A BRONX TALE) in Chazz's new play THE BENCH, and National Endowment for the Arts recipient David Libman’s play THE TOWNHOUSE, featuring Joey Collins

(Tracy Letts' BUG at Barrow Street Theater).  

Jonathan is currently directing and writing for

Amy Schumer's ensemble company 


He recently worked with Christina Masciotti

(2016 Guggenheim Fellow) on her play RAW BACON FROM POLAND featuring

Sean Carvajal

(2018 Obie Award, Lucille Lortel Award Winner - Best Actor - StepheAdly Guirgis' JESUS HOPPED THE A TRAIN). 

Jonathan is a graduate of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts Dramatic Writing Program and works for Major League Baseball.  He keeps his inner kid alive as the starting shortstop of Hamilton the American Musical softball team.

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       what people are saying

Please Leave the Light On 

            by Jonathan Libman

Bay Area Playwrights Festival Semi-Finalist - Staged Reading Upcoming 2019 

"This is a beautiful script. Very very unusual  and mournful and heartfelt and authentic.

 I was amazed at some of the writing.    A really scary and moving and odd play.  Congratulations on this very special piece."

                                                                                                                              Jesse Eisenberg


"Beautifully theatrical, amazing characters,  amazing  dialogue, bravo!  Love that that  story forces audiences to consider every  side of a horrible crime, and what it means  to be criminal.  By molding him into a fully  realized person, even someone who has  reasonable doubt of innocence, it’s possible  to show many sides of an issue. The grey  area is much more vast than most people  would feel comfortable admitting."

                                                                                                                                Markus Potter

                            Producing Artistic Director                                       

Accidents Waiting to Happen 

              by Jonathan Libman

will be featured in an upcoming The Parsnip Ship podcast.

"This play has stayed with me long after my  last read.  It's very rare to find a play that is  as urgent and necessary as this is.  

 How it explores (with nuance)  issues of  race, gentrification, the complications of  human relations and sexual exploitation,  among other things.  There are moments  that shake me to my core.


 Ernesto's struggle to make ends meet to the  point where he gradually sinks lower into  the hands of a predator or savior? 

 The complicated relationship between him  and Kwanita trying to maintain their  dignity in their own neighborhood which is  being taken from them.  The adults who  apply the pressure are sympathetically  drawn and surprise.


 By the end our preconceptions are replaced  with an authentic complex understanding  of voices that go mostly unheard in the  American theater, or really even outside of  the  communities they live in.

 Given the resources and support

 it deserves, I’m certain this very strong play  will be a contender."

                                      Neil Tyrone Pritchard

                                       Actor/ Arts Educator

                                      Labyrinth Theater Co.

"I really admire your work. You've come a  long way on the play, and I think it's a real  testament to your ability to stay with a story  and keep going deeper into it. Perfect  combination of humor and pathos. I love the  way Ernesto's writing bookends the play.  That opening speech is particularly  wonderful.  You get the feeling that the  world is just closing in on Ernesto, he's  driven to do things no young person should  have to do."   

                                                                                                                                    Wayne Maugans                                                      Actor/Director                                                       


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The Bench 

A staged reading with the PDU unit

Written by Chazz Palminteri

Featuring: Sayra Player, Mark Thomas, and Chazz Palminteri

Directed by Jonathan Libman


Amy Schumer/The Collective's 








SHUT INS Written by Sayra Player 

Directed by Jonathan Libman

Featuring: Maureen Shannon, Naomi Warner

and Casey Webb





Selected Upcoming Projects for 2019/2020

Jonathan will be Directing: 

Kill The Buddha 

by Eli Walker


by Nicole Pandolfo

Yellow Grey Edges

by Dennis Russo

Love Among Friends 

by Daniel Mitura

My X-15 (Workshop)

by Nick Platt